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Custom Print

Get FULL COLOR High Quality T-shirts with No Minimums!
With our latest digital print technology you can get just one shirt, with as many colors are you need at no additional charge. Fast turnaround times and CHEAP shipping. Here are the benefits of digital printing:
- Unlimited color printing
- No set up fees
- Print just one shirt or print 100's of shirts within a few hours
- Volume discounts available for orders of 25 or more

What is the cost?
- Free art work!
- LIGHT colored t-shirt with fully customized full color front print starts at $19.99.
DARK colored t-shirt with fully customized full color front print starts at $22.99.
- Orders of 10 or more are just $15 for lights and $17 for darks.
- No set up fees, no art fees, and FAST turn around time available.

Let Us Print T-shirts For You!
Whether it is for your own indie clothing line, a bachelor party, ladies night out, family reunion, Greek event, or anything else The T-shirt Exchange can design and print your shirt. Email jack@thetshirtexchange.com to get started.

Should I be Looking for Screen Print or Digital Print T-shirts?
Here is a quick guide to answer if you should use screen print, or digital print. Generally DTG is more of an 'on-demand', I need a few of these items quickly print process, and screen print is more of a 'stock up', I have hundreds of these sitting on the shelf print process.

Use Digital Print (DTG) if:
- You are printing 100% cotton t-shirts, hoodies, pullovers, sweat shirts, sweat pants, canvas,
  swim wear, or under wear.
- You need between 1-25 items- DTG is almost always more cost effective for small runs
-You need customized names or numbers on each item
- Your art has 3 or more colors - save set up and screen fees
- You need a really fast turn-around 3-4 days

Use screen print if:
- You are printing more than 24 items with the same art
- You are printing more than 24 dark colored shirts with the same art
- You are not printing on a 100% cotton item
- You are printing on denim or jeans
- You have only a 1 or 2 color art work
- You can print a mass quantity (100s of items) to stock up for the year

Why should I order from The T-shirt Exchange?
Bottom line: Your order is important to me.

I am Jack and I run this whole shebang. I am also the customer service CEO. No one else. You get me, the owner. Every question, every time. My customers get replies in the middle of the night, first thing in the morning, while I am on vacation. You'd be surprised how quickly I respond to your questions.

Yes, there is a full-scale print facility capable of printing a massive amount of shirts per hour. I could show you fancy photos of it, a bunch of other equipment, and people 'doing work', BUT that's not really too important to me.
I want to make sure your order is right and delivered on time, every time. Customer service is what it important to me.

Here are the top 5 benefits of using The T-shirt Exchange for your next project:
1) Amazing customer service including a free quote.
You will know everything about your order at all times. If you have ever dealt with a print shop you know customer service is generally horrible. We wont make u feel like that.

2) Free design - If we can make it in an hour or less its free with your order.

3) No silly setup or screen fees. You get a per-shirt price and a total 'amount due' cost.

4) 12 shirt minimum. I understand you probably don't need 50 or even 24 shirts for your event. Small orders still get GREAT pricing that is going to be hard to beat.

5) 7 business day lead time with no rush fees. 7 business days (or less) after you approve the art your shirt will be shipped.

OK that sounds good but how much money we talking? Here are a few examples of a quote for 12 shirts.
For screen print:

For 12 shirts with a 1 color design 100% cotton, medium weight t-shirt, which is great for parties, softball jerseys, tailgates and bus trips, etc... a realistic quote would be $9 per shirt / $108 total. There are no additional fees.

For screen print:
For 12 100% cotton 30/singles (a soft, vintage style t-shirt) with a 1 color design, which is a great shirt for indie designers, styles for re-sale, or anyone wanting more of a fashion look, $11 per shirt / $132 total would be a pretty realistic quote. There are no additional fees.

For digital print on light colored shirts:

For 12 light color shirts
with as many colors as you want and INCLUDING art you will be at $15 per shirt/$180 for the whole order. To compare, 12 shirts with 3 colors per shirt using traditional screen print  would be $220, so you save $40 by using DTG.

For digital print on dark colored shirts:
If you are printing 12 or more you are most likely better off using screen print for dark shirts with light ink, i.e. black and white shirts.

Of course every t-shirt is different, and every job is special so let us get you a free quote. You'll probably be surprised.

Email jack@thetshirtexchange.com to get started.

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